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    June 06, 2005



    I've just written a post on my blog in response to this one.
    While I share every one of your concerns, I think dogmatic idealism rather than pragmatism is the best approach to torture and detentions without trial. Sometimes, I wrote, you just have to storm the Bastille because it’s the right thing to do.


    Ummm, the ones that are "released," where do they go? Back to their native, say, Saudi Arabia? Aren't they likely to be mistreated?
    If they don't want to go, what are the alternatives? What third country would take them? Asylum in the US would be insane.
    How is shutting down Gitmo and "releasing" lots of people not going to amount in effect to lots of "extraordinary rendition."


    Doesn't matter at this point. As long as this Administration is in power we will have a serious problem in the way the country is perceived. Only when Bush is gone can we attempt to fix the way we're viewed around the world.


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