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    September 22, 2007


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    Randy Paul

    Does anyone running this godawful war ever think of the implications of any of their acts ever?


    Communication and trade encourage peace.


    Good article. It's really crazy how effective terrorists can be. People do not realize that terrorism is not about explosions. It is about terrorizing people and thus getting them to do stupid things.

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    A sensible approach to terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction
    No security measures can not completely eliminate the activities of Arab terrorists. This is evident in Israel: a tiny country whose population is very concerned about security, can not prevent every terrorist attack. Enhanced security measures at airports, only transferred the attention of Arab terrorists on the other weaknesses, such as night clubs and bus. When was closed border with Gaza, Arab terrorists penetrated the West Bank. Arab terrorists, as tax evaders, always find ways to deceive the society. The attack is always one step ahead of protection, which only reacts. The only good protection - proactive, preventive: Attack of the Arab terrorists before they attack you.


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    Chlorine is widely used in making many everyday products. It is used for producing safe drinking water the world over. Even the smallest water supplies are now usually chlorinated.

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    In other words, the biggest damage from chlorine bombs--as with so many terrorist attacks--has come from overreaction to it. Fear operates as a "force multipier" for terrorists and in this case has helped them cut off Iraq's clean water. Pretty impressive feat for some bombs that turned out to be close to duds.


    So cholera has now reached Baghdad. That's not much of a surprise given the utter breakdown of infrastructure. But there's a reason the cholera is picking up speed now. From the NYT:

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    -has come from overreaction to it. Fear operates as a "force multipier" for terrorists and in this case has helped them cut off Iraq's clean water.


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    W don't want this war Iraq and now Baghdad....


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    Pity those people. So much trouble for nothing. I believe that we should help them.

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    That's really scary actually. Just the thought of it.

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    I'm so sick and tired of promotional calls - I decided to complain to the gov and screamed at the top of my lungs.

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