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    February 25, 2007


    Ma ra

    Bush was NOT voted in! He has never succeded in anything he ever tried without having it handed to him or cheating to get it.


    what a ideot.
    Bush did get more votes than ever a president did get.

    Excuze my english, but NBA and Bush are rad.


    Sauranas, I will excuse your english but not your logic. Kerry got more votes than ever a president did get too.

    robert Barger

    Shaq wants to be sherrrif and in doing so his first order of the first day on the job should be to haul in bush, cheney and crew on charges fitting his rise to king, and a fate simalar to his shock and awe he gave saddam and sons. Who really is the terror of this planet? we are not now safe nor will we be due to the kings bad behavior and Jim baker is one of the kings men. We are doing in iraq and iran what russia did after ww2

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