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    September 09, 2005


    Rick B

    I notice looking at the profile on FindLaw that it was last updated 9-8-2005. Any way to tell what changed? Or why?

    Eric G

    The Time piece on the FindLaw update:

    The FindLaw profile for Brown was amended on Thursday to remove a reference to his tenure at the International Arabian Horse Association, which has become a contested point.

    As if that will prevent Brown's resignation/dismissal!


    He serves at the pleasure of the President, and since Bush lacks the gumption to can his sorry butt, this is all academic. Funny that they'd remove the Arabian Hourse Association, since that's something he actually did, even if he botched it.


    Where are the righteous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth when you need them? Don't wait for Regenery Press to publish a book about this sorry story.


    Talk about too good to be true...this is identical to a running joke in The Office, where Gather (Dwight in the US version) keeps claiming he's "assistant regional manager", and every time is corrected that he's "assistant TO the regional manager".

    Maybe The Office and The West Wing should switch writing staffs. (I suppose you'd get the BBC's classic "Yes, Minister".)


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