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    November 04, 2004


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    Aren't there some front organizations, though?

    Alex Chirelstein

    All that sounds plausible; but then that makes the sophistication of the 911 attacks all that more difficult to understand vis a vis Al Quaeda's organizational capacity? And more importantly, what can be determined about Al Quaeda's vulnerability if its operational capacity ranges from "shoe-bombs" to 911?

    William Zimmerman

    I am still not clear on the "sophistication" involved in flying a plane into a building. Anyone could plan such an attack. The only hard part is finding 15 people willing to do it. And there are a whole raft of other operations, just as easy to undertake, that could have equally grave consequences. My only suprise is that they haven't been carried out. I think this does speak to a weak operational capability.


    If Al Qaeda does rely on the same people over and over again, perhaps the Washington Post was wrong to criticize Bush's manhunt strategy for not being effective against new recruits. (


    Adam Curtis' "The Power of Nightmares," which aired recently on the BBC, presents a compelling case against al Qaeda's omnipotence. Highly recommended - it's floating around the net on Bit Torrent.


    Well duh. I'm glad people are slowly starting to figure it out. Of course Al Qaeda itself is negligible. The "global networks" through which terrorists are sometimes able to move men and materiel, are merely longstanding drug-trafficking, arms and technology smuggling networks. These continue to be protected, largely due to the private interests of a few higher ups in the international finance and intelligence communities. War on terror? Yeah right.

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